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Staff Application

Post by duckblood15 on Sat Aug 15, 2015 6:06 am

What is your first name and last name? Corey Duck

What is your age and in-game username? I am 15 and my username is duckblood11 (Don't ask how i got the name)

What position are you applying for? Jr Mod

For that position, why do you feel like you deserve the rank?

Im not the best at these nor am i the best writer but i think i could help the community by sharing the server and the mod pack, I will come on the server and give valuable information about the mod packs and how to make things.

In what ways would you help the server if you got the rank?

I would try to be the most nicest Jr mod i could possibly be and i would help the people who are in need with building and making

How often can you be on per day/week?

I can be on 4pm to 8:30pm GMT weekdays and on weekends 1pm to 11pm GMT


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